Purest - exceptionally equipped

The moist-regulating mattress

Purest - exceptionally equipped

Mattress with optimal moist-regulation

The mattress ticking is specially treated with the PASSERELLE treatment. This durable polymer coating is fixed to the textile fibres. The coating ensures a quicker moisture absorption and distribution over a wider surface of the mattress

The top layer of the comfort layer is in CLIMAWATT polyester fibres. The fibres have a specially developed shape which also improves the absorption and distribution of moisture. The vaporization is more efficient and moisture dries up to 25% quicker.

The result: a permanent ideal micro climate during your sleep without warm temperatures.

More questions about this unique Purest mattress?

Purest is developed from durable and environmentally friendly technologies consisting of an ultra fine coating that permanently protects the surface of the fibre of the tick and the comfort layer. Our sleeping specialists are always ready to help you.