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Frequently Asked Questions


I suffer from a dust mite allergy. How can I best take this into account in my bedroom?

  • Avoid curtains and carpets in fabric
  • Banish clothing from the bedroom
  • Cuddly bears will have to find another place in the house
  • Provide anti-allergic sleeping comfort: materials treated such as Purest are perfect for allergy sufferers.

I heavily transpire, which mattress do I choose best?

  • Choose a mattress with Climawatt: Climawatt takes care of the moist regulation of your mattress. The fibres improve absorption and distribution of moisture.
  • Wear adapted clothing: synthetic fabrics are bad. Leave your bed unmade so it can breathe. Leave your windows slightly open.

What mattress can I use if I have asthma?

A Purest mattress is the perfect base! All the bacteries, fungi, mildew and mites, that are the base of asthma, are being banned naturally. They don't get the chance to develop

Do you have any sleeping tips?

  • A good sleep starts with a good mattress
    The importance of a good mattress is often underestimated. A mattress has a certain life span, so it's important to change it in time. A good mattress offers the right amount of comfort and support.

  • Get a sleeping ritual
    We can create a sleeping ritual. When you do the same things every night before sleeping, our body remembers these signals and makes itsself ready for sleep.
  • Always go to bed on the same time
    Try helping your biological clock by going to bed and waking up at the same hour everyday. Even on weekends.

  • Avoid stimulants 
    Research has shown that the use of certain stimulants like Coffeïne right before sleep can give problems with sleeping in.

  • Move regularly
    Moving regularly, but not before sleeping, can reduce stress and tension. 

  • Relax early in the evening

  • Don't take your problems to bed
    If you can't sleep, get up and do something!

  • Don't eat much or smoke before going to bed

How do fungi and bacteria get into my mattress?

Our body loses moist and skin flakes while sleeping.

These two elements form the ideal nutrition for fungi and bacteria.