Purest - exceptionally equipped

The anti-allergenic mattress

Purest - exceptionally equipped

A healthy sleeping environment

The Purest technology protects the fibres of the mattress ticking and the comfort layers against micro organisms such as bacteria, fungi, mildew and mites.

It is a revolutionary technology ; it surrounds the fibres of the ticking and the comfort layers with a Purest nano coating. Microbes around the fibres are attracted like a magnet by this nano coating. Upon contact, the cell membrane of the microbe gets damaged and the microbe is killed.

Purest stops the growth of bacteria and fungi and also the mites by disrupting their food chain. The presence of bacteria and fungi is the main reason for bad odours in textiles. It has been scientifically established that 25% of all allergies and 50% of all asthmatic conditions are caused by the allergens of the dust mite.

This is why Purest is perfect for people suffering from allergies, asthma and other breathing conditions.

More questions about this unique Purest mattress?

Purest is developed from durable and environmentally friendly technologies consisting of an ultra fine coating that permanently protects the surface of the fibre of the tick and the comfort layer. Our sleeping specialists are always ready to help you.